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Mt. Pleasant, Texas Tea Party Patriots!

Tea Party    On July 4th 2009 approximately 750  taxpayer's of Mt. Pleasant, Texas let it's congress know that they have had enough of the bail outs, and ridiculous spending by hosting their own Tea Party.

    Thanks to the hard work of both Barbara & Dr. Eric Bruechner along with countless others helping to organize the event! The turn out was well received even though people had to combat one of the hottest days of the year.

   I personally attended and being the camera buff  that I am proceeded to video the event. I have the complete video edited and posted on MpTxTeaParty Patriots.com  Political Website for all that missed it to see. There are about 10 chapters in all each about 5 to 10 minutes long. Please fill free to watch any or all of them at your leisure. The quality is fair for playing on the internet.. Click Here or the photo above to go there now!

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